Virtual Events: Webinars & conferencing

With the ever-changing event landscape, and an increasing demand to be communicating with customers through these uncertain times, now is the time to think about virtual events and communications. Why not think about running a series of webinars?

Webinars and online conferencing are great ways to raise awareness and keep your brand relevant as well as to generate valuable sales leads. MelBec Events has a vast amount of experience hosting and running webinars with global audiences. We will help you plan your content and invite your speakers, source your audience, market your event and develop your presentation slides, as well as collect data for those that viewed it live and retrospectively. We can provide options for different types of webinars including live streaming, presentation only and pre-recorded future hosting, all with their own unique branding elements.

We can also help you to look longer term, working with you to develop a virtual event strategy aligned to your business objectives.